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Cold rooms in cured meat factories

Cold rooms in cured meat  factories

In the production of cured meats, the temperature is of particular importance at all stages, from the arrival of the meat to the dispatch of the finished product to the point of sale, and this is achieved by means of processes, structured in several stages, which are, above all, very delicate.

The processing of meat, in fact, must absolutely allow for the production of high quality cured meats with excellent properties in order to be able to offer a product ready to be used by end consumers and restaurateurs.

Precisely for this reason, each product must receive, during its processing, all the attention that is particularly suitable for its typical and particular characteristics, thus guaranteeing both maximum taste and, above all, genuineness.

The peculiarity of this type of processing is that it takes place inside the factory  in an environment that is strictly supervised from both the hygienic and sanitary points of view, in order to ensure maximum quality and health protection.

The use of cold rooms is fundamental in this type of processing, right from the start of the production cycle: the cooling phase, in fact, is the initial procedure whereby the raw materials are brought to a lower temperature than the ambient temperature and which must not only be carried out with great care, but also in a relatively short time as it is essential for the quality and success of the product.

The cold stores are also fundamental in the other two phases of processing: resting and maturing.

The first is the one that takes place immediately after salting and is not only absolutely necessary (in fact, in this way it is possible to eliminate all the water and humidity inside the salami  that the salt penetrates thoroughly and begins to produce its effect) but it is also a fundamental step to generate both the flavour and the final consistency of the salami.

During the maturing process, the cold store plays a fundamental role in one of its most critical and delicate phases, drying, where not only the temperature is lowered but also the humidity inside is brought (and constantly maintained) to around 80-90%; during this drying phase the right water balance between the surface of the salami and its interior is in fact determined.

The safety of maintaining temperature and humidity is therefore one of the main parameters that a cold room must have to allow the various production processes to run correctly.

MIV Insulating Systems, thanks to its decades of experience, can raise the quality and safety standards to the highest level in one of the most sensitive points of the cold room: the insulating doors.

The production of doors and all accessories for cold rooms is in fact the core business of the company, a world leader, which for this particular sector produces a specific model, suitable for all type of   cold rooms.

The development is both of the finished product,  like the complete door, but also of its accessories and components. hinged and sliding door are available to cover  all the applications.

The many types of hinges, such as the “flush” model or the “front” model with multiple vertical and horizontal adjustments, allow the opening and sealing of the gaskets to be adjusted, which is essential in the maintenance process and for optimum conditions inside the cold room.

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