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To & Fro Door

TO & FRO DOOR (T without thermal ∆)


To & Fro Door” is a door with a “saloon-type” opening, bidirectional, which can be opened with a simple push. It is used to separate rooms with frequent transit of personnel and/or trolley as: kitchens or industrial rooms for food processing

40mm Door Leaf
Indoor Installation

Semi-insulating bidirectional hinged door, for internal application with positive temperature rooms

Installation on panel or masonry wall

40mm thick aluminum door leaf

Internal and external coating in white plasticoated metalsheet

Door leaf injected with polyurethane foam “PUR” CFC free 40-42 Kg/ density

Bidirectional opening with 90° block

Anodized aluminum frame and counterframe for different thicknesses (from mm 60 to mm 90 and from mm 91 to mm 120)

Anti-shearing EPDM gaskets are applied on the leaf (vertical edges)

Internal and external protection, h.300 mm, made of stainless steel

Transparent polycarbonate porthole 350mm diameter

Hidden frame fixing screws

Without threshold