Fast Rolling doors

Fast Roll BT

Product description

A safe, isolating and fast door: Fast Roll BT, is an ideal solution for low temperature environments where it is necessary intense use and simple to install. The temperature control system allows the use in low temperature environments even in case of variable temperature. The flexible curtain with side zip system allows an easy repositioning in case of accidental impact, non stop operations awaiting technical team to fix.

  • Really High speed. Up to 1,8 m/sec opening speed with new Digital controlled motor with integrated heating system.
  • Easy setting with digital control panel with Multilanguage Display.
  • Double layer insulated curtain for a good isolation and reduced overall structure dimensions.
  • Motor heating systems with environment and unit sensors, curtain sliding guide heating system with flexible parallel cable with constant power.
  • The sliding system of the curtain guarantees perfect isolation between the exterior and interior.

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