Hinged doors and Insulating sliding doors from 60 mm to 120 mm for positive temperatures (TN) and negative temperatures (BT). 40 mm semi-insulating doors, controlled and automatic atmosphere doors.



Aluminum, PVC and rubber profiles.
Accessories for swing and sliding doors, internal reinforcements for doors and frames, electrical equipment


MIV Insulating Systems Srl is one of the leading companies in the production of refrigerated doors and their accessories and components

Born in 1997, MIV Insulating Systems exports over 80% of its productionto the rest of the world, from Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to South Africa, from North America to Central America and South America.

Our products are Made in Italy and are known all over the world for their quality, design and ease of use.

Speed in response, compliance with delivery times, assistance provided by specialized technicians and maximum attention to customer needs.

This is MIV.


MIV Srl has over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of refrigerated doors and related accessories and components.

Our company, in its 20 years of history, has accumulated a huge experience in the refrigeration sector, and is at the forefront in the creation of:

  • Cold storage doors
  • Hardware / Accessories for refrigerated doors


Made in Italy of MIV is exported all over the world.
Production of doors and accessories for cold rooms.