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Research and development

MIV has always been committed to the development and improvement of its products.

Thus, the primary goal is to research and develop technical solutions that best suit the needs of domestic and international markets.

With the 'help of state-of-the-art solid modelers, dimensions, thicknesses and shapes are optimized already at the design stage before mass production.

Doors and accessories are tested with experimental tests that subject the products to fatigue tests, destructive tests, and climate cell tests with the aim of always ensuring excellent performance in different environmental and usage conditions.

Prototyping 3D Printing

In recent years, MIV has introduced an implementation for the study of our products by using additive technology i.e. 3D PRINTING. The use of our Ultimaker S5 has reduced the design and implementation time through prototyping activities.

Research and development 99%
Technology Scouting 93%
Innovation Lab 89%
Eco Innovation 97%
From Lab to Business 90%
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Production Phases

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