Doors on hinges for positive temperature cold rooms


Doors for positive-temperature industrial refrigeration with “Guide rail passage”.

Examples of hinged doors for positive temperature cold rooms.

Some of these, such as the 200 PG model for slaughterhouses, are specifically designed for specific uses, but the whole range has common characteristics such as, for example, the leaf, injected with “PUR” expanded polyurethane with a density of approximately 42 kg /mc and completely free of chloro-fluoro-carbons.

Door Model 200 PG

Some models, such as the 200 N, the frame in PVC, or on request in aluminum, is embracing with an “L” section, and the possibility of integrating additional modules (thicknesses) up to reaching the width of the panel or masonry. Inside, a counter-door to block the front frame with the embracing section of the frame-counter-frame.

Door Model 200 N

Hinges for buffer doors.

The hinges of the standard buffer doors are of the frontal type and adjustable in 3 axes, with adjustable ramp for self-closing, in composite material.

Optional doors on hinges for positive temperature cold rooms.

All models of hinged doors have the possibility of being equipped with some accessories such as the door closer or the anti-panic bar device.

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