Sliding Doors for Controlled Atmosphere Cold Rooms

Doors for MIV cold rooms

Sliding Doors for Controlled Atmosphere Cold Rooms

The preservation and storage of food under particular conditions


Controlled Atmosphere Sliding Doors are suitable for installation not only in cold rooms that have this type of use, but also in all those rooms that need to be refrigerated in order to guarantee a long preservation or the best possible storage for all foodstuffs that require special stationary conditions and that may need a temperature of between zero and 5 °C, with peaks of up to 12 °C.

In fact, they guarantee perfect airtightness, especially where gas tightness is required, as they are equipped with specific gaskets made of closed-cell expanded rubber which, together with the various locking systems, guarantee not only normal thermal insulation, but also a perfect gas-tight closure of the doors.

What does a CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE door look like?

The standard version of this type of positive-temperature sliding door is for indoor use only and can be installed on any type of panel or masonry.


The sash edge is manufactured from aluminum, is 90 millimeters thick, and is injected with “PUR”-type polyurethane foam that has a density of 40/42 kg/mc and has no chlorine-fluorocarbons.

The leaf, moreover, is supported by brackets and pulleys made of technopolymer, and in the upper part it slides on a rail that is produced in anodized aluminum and is equipped with corresponding rail covers, while in the lower part there is a rail also made of anodized aluminum that is equipped with floor register and is produced in technopolymer.

The frame is of the flat PVC type and has the measurements of 100 × 25 centimeters, is uncoated and can also be mounted in its variant with siding sheet and allows a maximum net span of 160 centimeters in width by 250 centimeters in height.

The door can be lined both internally and externally with either white plasticized sheet metal (in its standard version), while the variant has stainless steel lining.

One of the key components in ATC doors are the gaskets, which are provided in EPDM and are installed so that it can have a perfect seal both perimeterally and, most importantly, in its underside.

Accessories for Controlled Atmosphere Doors

Each Controlled Atmosphere Cell door manufactured by MIV Insulating Systems is equipped as standard with a fixed type MIV handle on both the inside and outside, and the standard version comes completely without a threshold but it is possible to have a variant with a threshold flush with the floor.


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