Technical semi-insulating doors

Types of applications of semi-insulating doors Office and To and Fro

In the context of various applications, such as storage warehouses, industrial cold rooms or for large-scale distribution, there is the primary need to be able to quickly access the air-conditioned environment also using forklifts or logistics equipment, without the functionality of the cold room may still suffer from it.

For positive temperature cold rooms, where the cold chain can have greater fluctuations, MIV Insulating Systems produces a range of semi-insulating technical doors, strictly for interiors, both hinged and sliding.

Technical specifications of semi-insulated doors Office and Come and Go models

How to Install Office and To and Fro Doors

Type Office and To and Fro doors can be installed on site with an embracing frame on a panel or only externally on a masonry wall; thanks to the various items in the catalog in the section of frames and subframes, in polymer or aluminum, installation on any type of support with thicknesses from 60 to 90 mm is allowed. and from 90 to 120 mm. The fixing of the frame and sub-frame takes place using fixing screws then hidden by caps or covers to preserve an aesthetic appearance and for greater technical functionality.

How Doors Like Office and Come

The hinged door, with aluminum edges 40 mm thick, is injected inside with a PUR polyurethane foam, completely free from CFC (Chloro-Fluoro-Carbides) and in compliance with environmental regulations (GWP=0), with a variable density of 42-44 Kg/mc. The internal/external cladding of the door, in the standard version, is in plasticised zinc sheet, polyvinyl chloride, suitable for food contact (non-toxic/ food approved). The gaskets that are applied on it are in closed cell EPDM.

Semi-insulated door models Type Office and To and Fro

The Type Office door is equipped with a lock and handle in black polyamide and hinges in Ixef compound, a reinforced thermoplastic polymer with a very high modulus of resistance. It is the standard door for the partitioning of different environments but with similar operating temperatures, such as offices, technical rooms, toilets or internal passageways.

Door Model Type Office

Door Model To and Fro

Section Type Office
The To and Fro door, without handle and closure, is opened by ‘pushing’; it is equipped with spring hinges that allow free bidirectional opening (+90 to -90 degrees) with the presence of a stop to keep the door in the open position at right angles. It is used in the frequent passage in both directions by personnel using trolleys or equipment.

Door Model To and Fro

To and Fro door
Section To and Fro door

Optional internal and external protection with variable height from 30 to 100 cm. in pvc, stainless steel or polyethylene. On request, in the upper part, in the center of the door, a porthole or window, produced in transparent polycarbonate applied to the perimeter gasket.

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