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Doors on hinges for low-temperature cold rooms

Doors on standard hinges for low-temperature cold rooms, manufactured by MIV Insulating Systems, are designed for use of an industrial nature on cold rooms operating at an internal temperature of less than zero degrees Celsius.

As with their predecessors, whose main features they take up, LV doors are specially designed for use in an exclusively indoor environment and can be constructed in two different modes: buffered and semi-flush.

Standard and semi-recessed doors range in thickness from 90 to 120 mm.

The sash of each model offered by MIV Insulating Systems, both standard and semi-recessed, is constructed with anodized aluminum edges and injected exclusively with totally chlorine-fluorocarbon-free “PUR” polyurethane foam having 40 to 42 kg/mc density.

The installation of BT doors can be done directly on either prefabricated panels or masonry. All are equipped with double EPDM gaskets for perimeter and bottom sealing, and the electric heating element can be indifferently applied on the frame or inserted inside the same gasket.

BT doors are available with two different types of frames; the 280BT model equipped with a flat frame manufactured from 140-millimeter-thick PVC that has a front fastening system, with nylon tie rods, and if necessary with sheet metal connecting frame and cell interior.

Cold store door images Model 280BT

The standard 300 BT and 250 RV and 250 F models with semi-recessed rebate, on the other hand, are produced with an “L”-configured PVC hugging frame having a width of 100 millimeters; additional modules are available in order to achieve the exact thickness of the panel and a counter door to allow for wall mounting, also in an aluminum variant.

        Door section for cold storage rooms Model 300BT                             Door section for cold storage rooms Model 250RV250F

One of the differences between the standard model and the semi-recessed model is the threshold, which in the former is of the heated or cooled aluminum angular type, while the latter is normally without a threshold and has exclusively as a variant (which must be specially requested) the threshold present in the standard models both cooled and heated. Another variant of threshold is that of the stepped or thick type.

All models that are produced by MIV Insulating Systems can be equipped with standard accessories such as MIV hinges with ramp and vertical adjustment or the MIV model handle that allows for 1 or 3 locking points. Accessories such as push-pull panic bar and door closer are available upon request.

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