Sliding doors for low-temperature cold rooms

Negative-temperature cold rooms can be particularly susceptible to even considerable heat exchange, and as a result the door is of paramount importance in maintaining the so-called “cold chain.”

In the area of sliding doors suitable for cold rooms for freezing and storing different types of foods, foodstuffs and anything that needs to be stored at low temperatures, MIV Insulating Systems offers several models that can be adapted to many types of cold rooms, with sliding that can be either light or heavy, in different materials (PVC and/or aluminum) and types (flat or “L” shaped).

The basic model of sliding door for negative temperature (with a range of 0 to -25 °C) has an indoor application only, and its installation can be done either on panel or masonry. The sash is injected with “PUR” polyurethane foam that is completely free of CFCs (Chloro-Fluorocarbons) and has a density ranging from 40 to 42 kg/mc and is supported by technopolymer brackets and pulleys; it slides on an anodized aluminum rail with rail covers and its edge is constructed of aluminum with a thickness ranging from a minimum of 90 to a maximum of 120 mm.

The bottom rail is also made of anodized aluminum and is applied directly to the panel; the entire sliding system is therefore suitable for door leaves having medium to large dimensions

The frame is made of PVC, and the size is 140 mm.

The door leaf covering, both the inner and outer, is made of white plasticized sheet metal (stainless steel is also available upon request).

The door is equipped with a double EPDM gasket for both the perimeter seal and the bottom seal with the resistance that can be applied to both the frame and the inside of the gasket, an inner and outer lever MIV opening handle is also fitted as standard, and the corner threshold is of the aluminum type. The maximum light size of this type of door is 250 cm in width and 340 cm in height.

In some models, such as the 900BT, the sash is supported by brackets and pulleys that are made of technopolymer, while the slide is mounted on an anodized aluminum rail with a corresponding rail cover while the bottom rail, also made of anodized aluminum, is applied directly to the panel.

Cold store door images Model 900BT 

The frame is of the “L” hugging type having dimensions 140 mm in width and 45 mm in depth and is made of PVC; it also allows the insertion of additional modules to achieve the thickness regarding both the panel and the PVC counter door, which is available as an aluminum variant; this sliding system is particularly suitable for doors related to medium and large doors.

The MIV opening handle with the lever system both inside and outside and the heated aluminum corner sill is provided in association.

All sliding doors suitable for freezing and negative-temperature cold rooms can be installed on masonry support or insulated panel, with use for indoor rooms only. Optional the possibility of implementing the door with an advanced automation system, which allows minimizing the cycle time of opening and closing the door.

In the case of negative industrial-type cold rooms, there is the 900BTI model, which allows it to be applied in large cold storage rooms or in freezing rooms since, being particularly robust, it is perfectly suitable for heavy-duty use for large accesses.

Its special feature lies in the sash, like previous models, supported by oversized brackets and pulleys having a diameter of 92 mm made of technopolymer, while the slide rests on an anodized aluminum track with corresponding track cover.

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